What are the next steps & how long does it take to work?

Once your Wealth Spell casting is complete, you will receive an email notification from Priestess Alice. A video of the ceremony and a short reading will be uploaded to your account page.

Please note that it can take up to 2 weeks to feel the effects of your Wealth Spell, and up to 2 months to fully feel & see its benefits in action.

After you've watched the Wealth Spell ceremony video and read Priestess Alice's reading, we recommend the following:

➡️ 1. Take it easy

Set aside some time after your session even if it’s 20 minutes. So don’t head straight to the gym, to check messages and emails, or go to a social arrangement. Trust that what you need to get done will get done

➡️ 2. Seek guidance from an advisor if you're struggling to interpret your report
With each Wealth Spell, Priestess Alice includes a brief reading to help you interpret the session. Chatting with a live psychic advisor is a great way to drill down into the insights of your Wealth Spell casting. If you're new to spirituality and don't fully understand some of the more advanced concepts or language contained within your reading, an experienced advisor can help walk you through everything there is to know.

You can connect with hundreds of professional psychics on the Kasamba Marketplace.

➡️ 3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco
Alcohol and tobacco dull our senses and therefore our energies. Try to avoid both for at least 24 hours. The ancient Wicca magic used in your Wealth Spell balances and heals so we don't want to dull our senses. Instead, try to stay fully present with what's going on around you.

➡️ 4. Notice your feelings
Know that whatever you feel is ok. Nothing is permanent, not even joy, bliss or happiness. As we accept that our feelings constantly change we become better equipped to deal with our whole range of emotions. What are you feeling right now? Where in your body are you feeling it?

➡️ 5. Make some notes
Start to write down what you notice in a journal. Do you have any recurring thoughts or feelings? It’s hard to ignore the messages when we see them in black and white. Perhaps some new and exciting ideas are forming. Take note! Is there a common theme in what you are writing?